The results of our recent poll are in.

Recently we ran a week-long poll to ask how you wanted to get from location to location on the hunt path. A total of ninety-seven responses were collected while we ran the poll and the pie chart below shows the final results.

Results of the recent Poll

Just five votes separated users who are content with the SLURL-only method and the users that would like to have both SLURLs and LMs used. For this round we will be using the SLURL-only method, but your responses will help us decide if we should re-introduce the use of LMs for future hunts. We felt it was important to measure the impact of our decision to use only SLURLs by asking what method you preferred so we would have more data on this issue. We will be discussing this issue further with our merchants and between hunt staff to determine how best to proceed given these results.

We want to thank everyone that voted in this poll, and encourage you all to use the contact form to provide us with feedback. We do care about what you have to say, and we really do listen to your opinions. It was your opinions that prompted this poll, and those same opinions that will help us determine how to proceed on this issue in future rounds of the hunt.

Lusty Regards,
The HYIS Team
(Leannan, James, and Certified)

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