HYIS12 is LIVE!!!!

OMG, people.. I cannot tell you HOW ESTATIC I am right now to announce that not only is the Hunt alive, but also that it was a PERFECT LAUNCH! All stores are present and accounted for at the start, all cocks are waiting for the loving caresses of the hunters… this has not happened in over a year, and I am so proud that we are up and functioning properly right out of the gate:D

The hint page is waiting for your attention!!:D

Also, we have the beginnings of our first gacha just outside the HYIS Headquarters! More stores are joining in as we speak, so keep an eye on the machines:D

And make sure to spend extra attention at Pretty Kitty Designs.. the pumpkins and gachas throughout are awesome:D

Hunt down those cocks, girls and boys, it’s going to be an interesting hunt;)

Lusty Regards,
The HYIS Team
(Leannan, James, and Certified)

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