HYIS is nominated for AviChoice Awards!!!

Dear HYIS family, friends, and business associates,

Three years ago in June, I started a wee little grid-wide treasure hunt for adult stores and like-minded hunters, During this time, we have changed very little, but grown SO big with the help of so many store owners who have become family to us, especially when one store owner’s husband became my right hand helper (Certified Lunasea).

Because of all the love and support you all have given Hunt for Your Inner Slut over the years, something amazing has happened…… we were nominated for an AviChoice Award. Well, technically I was nominated as Hunt Organizer….but I consider this a nomination for ALL of us at Hunt for Your Inner Slut. I would not be the founder of the best adult hunt in SL, without James and Certified and all my store merchants and all the hunters who have backed us over the years.

If you get a moment, PLEASE make sure to do your part and vote for your favorite creators and people and organizations in the AviChoice Awards. I would LOVE for you all to vote for me as “Favorite Hunt Organizer”, but I also believe in people voting on what they REALLY believe is the best, not just for people they know….. so go through the WHOLE list, and choose the ones you feel should win:)

Please feel free to pass this news around, so others can vote too. Not everyone knows of the AviChoice Awards, but they are an important way of honoring creators and businesses who don’t always know just how much they are appreciated.:)

Lusty Regards,

Leannan Wolfgang (legacy name: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Founder, Hunt for Your Inner Slut

AviChoice Voting site: http://avichoiceawards.com/vote-here-slife-awards/

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