Annd we are back

Hello again, all my favorite perverts and pervettes!

As you have probably noticed, there has been another large space between rounds of our hunt.  I sincerely apologize that I have not written until now to let you know what has been going on.


Hunt for Your Inner Slut (as well as my store, Erotipose, and our club, Club Vixen), was put on hiatus during the time I was very ill in RL again.  Normally, when I feel marginally better, I rush online and try to get HYIS going, and get my business going, then usually add in a couple favors for friends….. and then I end up bedridden again for a couple more weeks.  We decided THIS time to wait for me to be better for over a week before we planned the date for this upcoming hunt, and get the ball on the roll.


So, long story short:  HYIS16 is in the works!  Applications are out, and I am being more selective this time around.  Yes, hunters, I have heard your comments about having to throw away so much of our gifts, and it actually broke my heart.  This is not how HYIS was originally meant to be…. so I am personally asking myself, if I would actually wear anything in each store.  If the answer is no, I don’t approve.  No nepotism, no favoritism, no exceptions.  Some of the pride I have had in my hunt for all these years has been hearing comments about “This is the only hunt I have not thrown anything away in”.  I want to hear that again.  I WANT to hear your constructive criticism as well as your compliments, but I am hoping that within the next couple hunts, we will get back to the standards of “High quality, lovingly-made adult products” that we started out this hunt to carry.


We will also be changing the amount of hunts.  I am thinking that once every 3 months might be too much for most of my store owners, especially since so many are busy all the time with creating for events and sales.  So we are going to do this every 6 months, and see if that helps bring in more exceptional quality items from stores.  I want the store owners to take the time to make something that will IMPACT the hunters enough to make you want to SHOP after;)


Have patience with our team (Certified, Panda, James, and myself) as we strive to make HYIS the best hunt in the grid…. again:)


To apply for HYIS16, we advise reading the Rules and Timelines , then applying.  This hunt DOES require that store owners take the time to READDDDD…  lol


Lusty regards,

Leannan Wolfgang (aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)

Founder/main cock juggler of HYIS;)

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