Ask Before you Borrow….

Please be aware that everything on this website is copyrighted for the protection of our hunt and our merchants.

Do not purchase the content that is contained on this website, on any of the pages. Asking us politely for permission will, in most cases, result in us allowing use of the content, but the content is NOT permitted to be sold by a third party under ANY circumstances. Unless the content is coming from Certified Lunasea or Leannan Wolfgang (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw), then the person selling the content does NOT have permission to engage in sale of the content.

If you somehow end up purchasing the content from a third party please let us know and be sure to include transaction details so that we may provide this information to Linden Lab and so, if needed, we can use such information when file appropriate court documents to ensure those selling the content without permission are properly dealt with. We don’t mind giving permission to people who ask to use our content, but we don’t want people selling the content we have worked hard to develop for this site. We find it sad that some feel they can profit from the work of others and we will pursue these issues appropriately when and if they come up.

Thank you for your understanding.

Leannan Wolfgang
Coordinator/Founder of Hunt for Your Inner Slut

Certified Lunasea
Blogmaster/Scriptkitty of Hunt for Your Inner Slut

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