Application for HYIS 12 is open!!

Hey everyone! Yes, I know we are a little late getting the application up, but we needed a few things changed. You can find the application above under Merchant button or click here.

Please make sure to review the rules for merchants and the guidelines for hunters.

I can’t wait to see what this hunt contains!

Lusty regards,

The HYIS team
Leannan Wolfgang
Certified Lunasea
James Wolfgang

The Hunt for the Cock begins again!

That’s right, folks!  We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary this month, and we have some fantastic stores in this round for you!

We start at midnight SLT (4.5 hours from the time of this posting), so strap on your favorite hunt shoes, remember to comply to the rules of the sims that you are visiting (not all of them are adult, so at least keep your bits covered), and let’s have FUN!!!!!

I will post more after the launch, and within the next several days, I will have all the pics of the items on the site (Certified will be setting up a page that will randomize the photos)… I hope you enjoy:)


Lusty regards.


HYIS coordinator

HYIS is nominated for AviChoice Awards!!!

Dear HYIS family, friends, and business associates,

Three years ago in June, I started a wee little grid-wide treasure hunt for adult stores and like-minded hunters, During this time, we have changed very little, but grown SO big with the help of so many store owners who have become family to us, especially when one store owner’s husband became my right hand helper (Certified Lunasea).

Because of all the love and support you all have given Hunt for Your Inner Slut over the years, something amazing has happened…… we were nominated for an AviChoice Award. Well, technically I was nominated as Hunt Organizer….but I consider this a nomination for ALL of us at Hunt for Your Inner Slut. I would not be the founder of the best adult hunt in SL, without James and Certified and all my store merchants and all the hunters who have backed us over the years.

If you get a moment, PLEASE make sure to do your part and vote for your favorite creators and people and organizations in the AviChoice Awards. I would LOVE for you all to vote for me as “Favorite Hunt Organizer”, but I also believe in people voting on what they REALLY believe is the best, not just for people they know….. so go through the WHOLE list, and choose the ones you feel should win:)

Please feel free to pass this news around, so others can vote too. Not everyone knows of the AviChoice Awards, but they are an important way of honoring creators and businesses who don’t always know just how much they are appreciated.:)

Lusty Regards,

Leannan Wolfgang (legacy name: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Founder, Hunt for Your Inner Slut

AviChoice Voting site:

Halfway through, and Blogged by the Pornstars!!

Halfway through the hunt already, can you believe it???

We have had a few hiccups here and there through this hunt… mostly a few store owners misreading the notecards a bit, and two Missing-in-Action stores, but we are doing what we can to keep the hunt running as smooth as possible around the hiccups:) It is still our biggest hunt yet.

Next hunt will prove to be even more eventful…. as we will be marking THREE years of HYIS being alive! Yes, that’s right THREE years of Mr. Happy being fondled and loved on by all of you!;) Well, except the first round, in which the object was a butterfly;) I hope that HYIS11 proves to be the biggest, best, smoothest hunt yet, and I think our store owners are going to wow us on the next one!

And something that really touched my heart this time, The Sexiest Pornstar blog wrote about our hunt!!! Anyone who knows me can tell you, HYIS means the world to me…. and being in the adult industry comes in a close second; so seeing two of my “worlds” converging just makes my whole week:) Enjoy the read!!

I will be opening up the applications for HYIS11 within the next 24 hours, so get your fingers ready!!!!

Lusty Regards,
Leannan Wolfgang
(aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Coordinator for HYIS

Less than a month to go!

I know many of you have been anxious to start round 10 of Hunt for Your Inner Slut, and we are anxious to get things started as well.

For those of you who are curious about when the next round starts (as well as what goes on between now and then) feel free to check the Timeline.

While the timeline is under the merchant info section it isn’t just for merchants. We will always keep it updated each round to reflect every significant date for merchants (including the start and end dates of the hunt). That being said we realize that to some it looks like a daunting document to look through when all you want is the start date of the hunt. So Here is the official start and end dates of the hunt:

  • April 15th at midnight SLT
    Hunt for Your Inner Slut round 10 begins.
  • May 16th at midnight SLT
    Hunt for Your Inner Slut round 10 ends, and the prep-work for round 11 begins.

We hope this clears up any confusion, and we will continue to work on making HYIS the best hunt in Second Life.

Lusty Regards,
The HYIS Management Team

Leannan Wolfgang (aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Coordinator and Owner

James Wolfgang (aka JamesWolfgang Resident)

Certified Lunasea
Slutty Blogmaster and Scriptkitty

Preparing for the 10th Round of Hunt for Your Inner Slut!!!

Oh wow, we are at the 10th round of HYIS! I cannot believe it! For a little hunt that started out as just a dream of mine, it’s come so far and grown so big!

As of today, we have approved of 85 stores for this round. This is a record, and we still have 12 more days to accept stores:) I am so proud of our little hunt:)

We have made a couple changes to the website, as some of you have probably noticed. Certified has been working hard to make the website look more awesome. Also, we have a couple new tabs above, as you can probably see. One with Merchant information that gives the Timeline and Rules for Merchants and Application, and one with Hunter Information that gives Hunter Guidelines. I seriously advise looking through these, it might help some of you to understand the rules we run the hunt by, and some of the reasons why these rules are applied.

I cannot wait to see you all through this hunt, I know that James and Cert and I are SO excited about this round, and seeing how much fun we can make it for you all!

Lusty Regards,
The HYIS Management Team

Leannan Wolfgang (aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)
Coordinator and Owner

James Wolfgang (aka JamesWolfgang Resident)

Certified Lunasea (who goes by the same
Slutty Blogmaster and Scriptkitty;)

It is ON like a horny woman on a….welll……

Helloooo everyone!

We have had a few hiccups at the beginning of this hunt, we are are officially running smooth now! All 69 stores are in place, cocks are eager for fondling, and we are having a blast! Come join us!!!!!!:)

The hints are just above, click the “HINT” button and all the hints and SLURLs are right there!

If you click “PRIZES”, you will see a randomized selection of some of the prizes we have in store for you (not all stores participated, but we kept them unmarked with brand names…. because we want you to visit EVERYONE! There are fantastic stores out there that you have never heard of… explore!!!

Lusty regards,
Leannan, James, and Certified
The HYIS team:)

HYIS9 is in the prepwork time!!!

That’s right, ladies and gents… we are ahead of schedule a bit, thanks to the wonderful scripts that Certified Lunasea (our scriptkitty and blogmaster) made for our signs and for Mr. Happy, our object!

I have most of the signs sent out for the stores that have applied so far, and we still have 9 more days to accept more stores! So if you have not applied already, please apply fast while there is still room and time! The Application button is just above this post:)

The hunt will run from January 15-February 15th!:)

Lusty Regards,

Your HYIS Team

Leannan Wolfgang (Sufferingfrom Lockjaw) – Founder/main contant
James Wolfgang (JamesWolfgang Resident) – Co-owner/Leannan’s #1 Helper
Certified Lunasea – Blogmaster/Scriptor

In response to requests for preview photos….

I have had quite a few people write to me, asking if I am going to be adding preview shots.

At this time, I will not be.  Not because I am on the “anti-preview photos” side, but because I really don’t have time to add 60+ photos on here….  WordPress is a pain in the ass when it comes to adding photos.  Yes, I am lazy.. but I also run Erotipose, Erotic by Design, sing (kinda) professionally in SL, direct and star in some SL-created videos, and do photography…….all of which DO suffer a bit while I am coordinating this hunt, because this hunt IS my “baby”.

Considering that I am streamlining the hunt to make it easier on us for HYIS9, I am debating going to just LMs with the hint page still on but no SLURL, for ease of use and to keep promoting people having to go to all the stores (this promotes new shopping experiences at places you haven’t heard of before), and possibly doing photos of the presents at that time, from the stores that want to partake in sharing those… but I still want people to enjoy seeing all the stores in the hunt.

The next hunt will have scripts in the sign and the cock, to help me be able to better run the hunt, and make the job of setup easier for the store owners, thereby not having several stores missing at the beginning of each hunt like we have had.  We’ve already taken the first step towards change by increasing the frequency of the hunts (they will now be every three months, instead of four).


Bare with me while we make the hunt even better… we have survived over a year, we hope to be around for many more to come.


Lusty Regards,

Leannan Wolfgang aka Sufferingfrom Lockjaw(legacy name)


Let the games begin!!

It’s time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HYIS8 is officially open season, get on out there and get your hunt on! Got to the Hints Page for details!

11 of the stores were not fully ready when I checked earlier, my apologies, but I ask that you skip them for now (if you are the owner of one of these stores, check the HYIS group notice and/or your IMs)



I will delete as they correct:)


Get those cocks, folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)