HYIS6 is up but running late!!!

Due to some slight technical issues with a moron website owner *coughs and smacks myself again*, and a little error issue, the hints page will be taking about 20 more minutes to get together..  This is also due to SL decided to crash on me while I was setting up the hints notecard and me losing ALL my work.


Yes, I admit I am a doofus and don’t save as I go.  Feel free to send me new hairs in blonde tones.


Give me 20-30 minutes to bang out the new hints page, and we will be launching:)

Welcome to the NEW Hunt for Your Inner Slut website!!

I am hoping this website helps us to grow even more, and I am QUITE proud that we have gotten THIS far!


HYIS has been my pride and joy since mid 2012, when I first started moving towards making a dream come true that I had envisioned for a year before that…. making a grid-wide hunt that catered to the adult community who love the best in naughty clothes and high-quality dirty furniture and accessories.  We DO cater more towards the girls than the boys…  and I WILL be making a male hunt soon JUST for those of you who have been begging for it..  give me a bit more time (December turned out to be a little more RL-health-crappy than I thought).


Today, we are starting this new website, and hopefully it will become even better looking as I learn how to make this happen:)  Bare with me as I learn how to make a prettier website.  LOL!


Please make sure to apply by going to the APPLICATION link here, and copy/paste it into a notecard ingame and send to Sufferingfrom Lockjaw!


Lusty Regards,

Leannan Lockjaw (legacy name: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw)

Coordinator and Founder

Hunt for Your Inner Slut